Live concerts, sporting events and, yes, even cruise ship travel are experiencing a boom in pent-up consumer demand and serves as a analog for many industries that will benefit as the pandemic fades from view.

A surge of new Seed Stage VC firms while established firms have moved later stage on the back of newer, larger vehicles has exacerbated the need for more VCs willing to lead traditional Series A rounds.

No longer the province of mostly white men with Ivy league pedigrees, the ‘next-gen VC fund’ more typically resembles the startups in which it invests.

A “new normal” is taking shape as startups and investors find novel ways to continue to innovate and support transformational companies

WFH technologies have been an obvious early winner emerging from the current pandemic, but there will be many others.

Jonathan Tower

Jonathan (@jonathan_tower) is Founder and Managing Partner at Catapult, a global early stage venture firm with assets in multiple geographies.

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